• 13—17 May 2024
  • Berlin, Germany

Classical:NEXT Radio Studio

What started as a small project in a make-shift room converted into a studio, voluntarily operated by radio enthusiasts and journalists, for all attending radio journalists and podcast hosts to record ‘Radio Sessions’, over the period has established an identity and a fixed place at Classical:NEXT. The Radio Studio also provides an intimate setting for all C:N delegates to get up close and personal with artists and media professionals, watch them in action, recording or broadcasting live interviews, talks, music performances and more, around the globe.

In 2019, with the help of Concertzender Radio from Rotterdam, C:N hosted a radio studio, enabling them and other attending journalists to cover the event live and record exclusive music sessions and interviews with artists and music professionals.

All the content produced is shared with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and its members, which supports multiplying the content produced with other radios stations spread across Europe and beyond.

The Hermes Experiment

Radio Recording The Hermes Experiment, by Eric van Nieuwland

For Music Professionals

Radio Recording

Radio Recording, by Eric van Nieuwland

For all radio broadcasters and music podcast producers attending C:N, this is a must-go space; get your music and your story broadcast live, direct from the Radio Studio, across Europe and beyond or make a recording to be used for deferred global telecasts. All delegates are invited to visit the C:N Radio Studio.