• 13—17 May 2024
  • Berlin, Germany

Getting There

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Berlin, capital of Germany, city of the free. Both a city with a rich (and troubled) history as well as a very reinventive place, by necessity. This and the still relatively low-priced real estate / rents plus its libertarian atmosphere and openness to experiments have made it attractive for creatives and the arts for several decades. Berlin is well established as a hotbed of the visual arts, film and fashion industries and – of course – music!

Classical music is big in Berlin, the NY Times coined it the "capital of classical music" – think Berlin Philharmonics, a multitude of orchestras, three opera houses a rich "off"-scene of classical music places and ensembles. Also many of the German leading artist agencies, music start-ups, record labels. And - of course – Berlin is a music city in general from minimal techno to the carnival of cultures global music street parades. Most important: the different art scenes mutually support and complement each other. On and off stage.

It almost goes without saying, that it boasts many opportunities for accommodation, for eating out, for leisure acitvities and really anything you could possibly ask for when visiting for a classical music professionals' meeting, which you hopefully will come May 2024.



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We compiled a list of various hotels near Colosseum, the main Classical:NEXT venue in 2024. Make sure to book your hotel reservation as early as possible as the contingent is limited and will expire mid/end of March 2024.

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