• 13—17 May 2024
  • Berlin, Germany

As a young leader in arts, it is very exciting to be part of this global network and contribute to the future of classical music sector with a renovated vision to face the big challenges ahead.

- Juan Andrés Rojas Castillo

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Wednesday, 26 May 2021


Voices from the Community
Meet Up

Visions and hopes for a future of art music
 Chaired by Classical:NEXT with contributors from Voices from the Community

13:00 - 14:15 GMT

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Photo by Anjelica Leaver.

Building an Inclusive

How do we achieve racial equality in classical music?
 Chaired by Roger Wilson (UK)

14:30 - 15:30 GMT

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Misha Penton

(micro)Requiem is a new micro-opera film by soprano and composer Misha Penton (USA)

Showcase Pitch at 14:15 GMT subsequent to previous Meet Up

Showcase concert available from 26 -28 May 2021

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Thursday, 27 May 2021


Photo of Vania Abello Olaya by Juliana Restrepo.

Serving Deprived

How do we reach and revitalise?
  Chaired by Paul MacAlindin (UK) with Maria Claudia Parias Durán (Colombia), Juan Andrés Rojas Castillo (Colombia), Vania Abello Olaya (Colombia)

14:00 - 15:00 GMT

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Photo by Rachael Barret.

Decibel New Music Ensemble

Decibel are a new music ensemble that focus on the integration of acoustic and electronic instruments in chamber music performance (Australia)

Showcase Pitch at 15:00 GMT subsequent to previous Conference

Showcase concert available from 26 -28 May 2021

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Friday, 28 May 2021


Photo of Adele Schonhardt by Albert Comper.

Not Just Returning:

Redefining what normal looks like.
  Chaired by Adele Schonhardt (New Zealand/Australia); Brad Carlin (USA)

13:00 - 14:00 GMT

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Meet Up

Meet the Innovation Award 2021 Shortlist nominees
 Chaired by Classical:NEXT with Classical:NEXT Innovation Award 2021 Shortlist nominees and nominators

14:15 - 15:30 GMT

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Photo by Max Colson.

Bastard Assignments

Experimental music and performance group (UK)

Showcase Pitch at 14:00 GMT subsequent to previous Conference

Showcase concert available from 26 -28 May 2021

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Previous Classical:NEXT Encore Online Sessions

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Brave New Media World: Embracing Digital

What was once not taught, is now essential
  John Kieser (Canada/Germany)

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Classical Music

How streaming has evolved and matured under COVID - good and bad
 Steve Long (UK); Pascal De Mul (The Netherlands/UK); Tamsin Waley-Cohen (UK)

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Connecting with
the Media

Tell your story, get their attention
Classical:NEXT Academy
  David Srebnik (USA)

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Film: Descent
Into the Maelstrom

This film was available to stream all week for all Classical:NEXT Encore 2020 participants.
  Jan Vardøen (Norway); Christine E. Robsahm (Norway)

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Export Office
Meet Up

Innovations and creative development within classical music
 Kaisa Rönkkö (Finland)

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Latin America
Meet Up

A concerned discussion of the future of classical music in Latin America
  René Solís (Mexico)

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Photo by Eric van Nieuwland

Opening Networking

Structured mixing and mingling
 Coordinated by Classical:NEXT

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Safe Space:
Coping with Uncertainty

Coaching and psychological support
 Classical:NEXT Academy
Anne Löhr (Germany)

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So, you're thinking of starting a podcast?

Considerations and advice before you press 'record'
Classical:NEXT Academy
Peter Stewart (UK)

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Spotlight: Interactive Performance Formats

Time for increased regional cooperation?
  Michael Maul (Germany); Fahad Siadat (USA), Marcus Carline (USA), Molly Pease (USA) and David Saldaña (USA)

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Storytelling in Music

Irresistable concerts and how to design them
 Chanda VanderHart (USA/Austria); Bryan Benner (USA/Austria); Kate Wyatt (UK); Arlon Luijten (The Netherlands)

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The Art Music
Office Party

Closing Drinks Mixer
 Hosted by Classical:NEXT

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