• 13—17 May 2024
  • Berlin, Germany

The perfect point from which to look to the future of classical music.

- Daniel Hope (UK)

For me Classical:NEXT has been the key to start our international career with different tours around the world."

- Tolo Genestar (Spain)
Clarinetist - Mazik Duo

This conference allows us to look at the NOW to inspire the NEXT.

- Nicole Jordan (The Netherlands)
Artistic director, Alchemy Ensemble

Classical:NEXT is the only event gathering professionals from all the Classical and modern music sector. It represents a unique opportunity to meet, discover, discuss, exchange, build projects and opportunities.

- Classical:NEXT 2022 Questionnaire respondent

Classical Next is the conference to attend for everything that is new in the classical music sector. Conferences and meet ups really encourage networking and sharing ideas.

- Claudine Cinq-Mars (Canada)
Touring coordinator, Conseil québécois de la musique

Classical:NEXT is a space of music and ideas. If you want to participate in the future of classical music, this is the place to be!

- Celso Mojola (Brazil)
Composer and producer

An indispensable networking and exploration event for anyone involved in the classical music industry.

- David Smith, Head of Digital Catalogue, Presto Music

It’s an excellenct opportunity for us to meet all the business partners in one place so I cannot miss it.

- Francis Jun Hyoung Lee (South Korea)
C&L Music

It was just wonderful to be immersed in a community of people thinking creatively and courageously about what classical music can do and how it could reach evermore people throughout the world."

- Martin Cullingford (UK)

Pushing the limits, finding new ways of expressing classical music as we adapt to audiences and technologies. This is the place I come to find out about it"

- Glenn Hodgins (Canada)
Canadian Music Centre

"Classical Next made me think about the real meaning of "classical music" as a genre. They are pushing contemporary musicians to discover new ways to connect with audience.

- Sebastián Errázuriz (Chile)
Composer, Producer and Conductor

Classical:NEXT is, to my knowledge, the largest, most exciting event of its kind in the world. In just a couple of days you get all the networking done that you would usually do in a year or more.

- Cristóbal Urrutia (Chile)
Special projects coordinator, Orquesta de Cámara de Valdivia

Classical:NEXT is a great place to meet everyone from the industry to share with the world what's new in your country and sector; [...] and definitely get inspired for creating future plans!

- Aleksandra Line (Latvia)
Project manager of the Latvian Music Information Centre

It was like being at a large family party where you met some cousins you didn't know you had.

- Barry Irving, International Record Review

I’ll say unequivocally that Classical:NEXT was the most vital music get-together I’ve participated in the last 12 months, quite possibly even longer. And, more importantly, I think it has the potential to be the most viable international gathering place for open-minded music-focused people.

- Frank J. Oteri (USA)
New Music USA

Classical:NEXT really is an invigorating thought shower of fresh ideas, challenging preconceptions and reminding us why we work in this great industry. It is particularly important to have a space for both live performance and the recording industry to come together for an in-depth look into the future and to forge new contacts. I’d encourage anyone in the orchestral sector to attend, whether it be to meet like-minds from across the globe, or to build commercial opportunities.

- Mark Pemberton (UK)
Association of British Orchestras

Classical:NEXT was a tremendously useful experience for me, more than I ever could have imagined when sending my proposal. The concert for my showcase recital was packed with a wide spectrum of music professionals. If you are an entrepreneurial musician, there is no better way to spend 3 days of your time.

- Antony Smith (UK)
Nimbus Records

It's a great opportunity to reflect together the present state of classical music, looking to the future, with an open mindset.

- Eloisa Manera (Italy)
Phase Duo

Everybody's going to Classical:NEXT.

- Jessica Duchen (UK)
Music journalist and blogger

A foresightful initiative that brings people together from all over the world to explore new horizons of appreciation and understanding of the classical music idiom.

Thomas Hampson (USA)
Sonic Escape