Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Basics: Classical:NEXT and C:N NET

What is Classical:NEXT?

Classical:NEXT is a professional forum for classical and art music. It is planned as an annual event that aims to unite the international art music community. The event's structure consists of three sections – Showcase, Conference and Expo: Showcases will present artists and productions in a series of short concerts or video screenings. Conferences will offer presentations, seminars, thinktanks, mentoring, matchmaking and other formats. The Expo is an exhibition place for companies and institutions and offers a meeting point for hundreds of delegates.

What is C:N NET?

C:N NET is the online platform for classical and art music. Think of it as a trade fair on the internet, open the whole year round. All registered delegates of Classical:NEXT will get a C:N NET account for one year for free.
A C:N NET account allows you to present your company, your team and your projects online to the Classical:NEXT network of classical music key players. Contact other participants and publish your services, products and requests.

What is the relationship between Classical:NEXT and C:N NET?

C:N NET is a service of Classical:NEXT. Companies who attend Classical:NEXT get a free full access to C:N NET for one year – the contact information they provided for the Classical:NEXT Guide are featured on C:N NET. C:N NET can be very useful for companies attending Classical:NEXT to further network with the partners they meet at the trade fair.


How can I register to Classical:NEXT?

See the Classical:NEXT website for information.

How can I register to C:N NET?

To register for C:N NET please use the C:N NET registration form.

All registered delegates of Classical:NEXT annual event will get a C:N NET account for one free year. A C:N NET account including a profile will be set up automatically or it will be updated if it was created before - we will send your account data to your email address.

I am registered to the actual Classical:NEXT event. Do I need to register for C:N NET as well?

No, a registration to the yearly Classical:NEXT comes with a free year of full access to C:N NET - you don't have to register for C:N NET separately.

I am not registered for Classical:NEXT but I would like to participate in C:N NET. Is that possible?

Yes. C:N NET is open to everybody who has a deeper interest in world music. All interested parties can register for C:N NET or extend their existing account without participating in Classical:NEXT itself.

Participating in C:N NET

What can I do In C:N NET?

With your account you can build and update your own profile:

  • You can present yourself and your company in a profile
  • Modify your main data (address, phone, activities ...)
  • Publish or modify News, Artists, Records, Events, etc
  • Get in contact with all C:N NET members
  • Find, network and meet with Classical:NEXT delegates

What content of C:N NET is public?

The following content: companies, news, ads, artists, records, and events posted by the users of C:N NET is publicly visible to everyone. However, some information remain accessible only to the registered users. They are:

  • delegate profiles
  • business contacts of companies and delegates (as opposed to 'open contacts')

Will my profile data appear in the app?

If you register for the yearly Classical:NEXT, please note that the information about your company and yourself will appear online and in the app.

Can I prevent my data from appearing public in C:N NET or the app?

Yes, please contact us via

Why can’t I just change the name of my company or delegate?

Please note that NAME CHANGES of registered delegates in terms of transferring the registration to another person are subject to a fee of 40 EUR and have to be handled by the registration department.

How can I update our company logo?

Login into C:N NET and go to 'MyClassical:NEXT'. Click on 'edit company data'. You can upload your logo during the fifth step.

Your C:N NET account

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

You can request a password reset link by clicking Forgot your password? in the login form.

Can I delete my account?

Please contact us via and we will do it for you.

Someone left my company but her/his account remains. Can I delete it?

Please contact us via and we will do it for you.

I have registered for Classical:NEXT, but I have not received my C:N NET login details yet.

Note that your C:N NET data are created and sent to you after we have received the full payment for your registration to Classical:NEXT. If you think this is the case, please contact us via

My account is no longer valid. Is this the end?

The information you posted about yourself and your company will remain visible in C:N NET unless you ask us to remove it. You can still log in and change basic info like your contact data, but to post records, artists, etc. you’d need to extend your C:N NET account for another year.

Other questions

To whom can I turn when I have a technical problem or questions?

Please contact us via